Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bonanzle Takes 5th In PSU Listing Board!

I am still so in awe of Bonanzle and the way that they continue to ask the sellers what they need or want. At Bonanzle you can vote on which new features, up to three at a time, you would like to see next on Bonanzle. Did you ever think that you would see this on any site? Not I!

Bill keeps a blog to keep all of us updated on what is happening or fixing to happen on Bonanzle. This is something you will only see on Bonanzle, the site owners keeping the sellers informed. He also keeps at "what's new" page of the things that he has done to the site during the night. This page is auctually fun to read, you will see his sense of humor.

Like yesterday Mark came to the forums and made a post "Support email delay", explaining that your e-mail to support is delayed because of a power outage due to wet snow. You aren't going to find a site like Bonanzle where the site owners care enough to let you know what is happening, let alone answer your e-mails.

Speaking of Mark he will be on Dave's the ebay & beyond: Basics to Business talkshoe show. This will happen Saturday, January 24 at 10 a.m. est time. This is another great show to listen to. You will learn something on this show. Lots of information to be had here.

Last night on the Auction Wally Brainstorming Bonanzle show Phaedra of atthebouque did here first show as his new co-host. She did a fine job! The show as usual was full of information and fun too. Henrietta of Feliciation's also called in. This lady is very sharp. She offered many ways to increase your traffic. Dave from ebay & beyond also called in. He always has great information to share.

If all of the new stuff isn't enough, then how about Bonanzle taking 5th on the PSU listing board? Awesome job!

Looking for another venue to sell on? Come on over to Bonanzle where you can afford the rent, met some really nice folks and get some really great deals.

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