Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Listen Up Bonanzle Booth Owners

I have to tell you that I have been doing my holiday shopping for the last couple of weeks on Bonanzle and loving it. I don't have to leave my house use my gas, stand in lines and they deliver right to my door. However, I have to admit that I do check out a sellers profile prior to buying from them. I closed my e-bay store for the reason of scoring fees and having to pass those on to my customers. This was just wrong in my opinion. When I was invited to try out Bonanzle, I thought sure, why not. I spent a couple of days checking out the site and importing my items from e-bay. Everything went very well for me. I have a few sales right off the bat and continue to do so. I also edited my listings to make sure that they did NOT reflect an e-bay listing! This has to be one of my biggest issues that I have with sellers that are just to lazy to edit their listings! If they don't have time to edit their listings, they don't have time to take care of me the customer. How long will it be before they have time to answer and e-mail or mail out my purchase? Needless to say, as soon as I run across the words, bid, auction, e-bay store and the likes, I hit the back button! This is such a turn off for me. No excuse for not taking the time to clean your booth. It is very untidy to look at! Getting back to the profile page of a seller, here you can read about booth policies, shipping and return policy and whatever else the Bonanzle Booth owner wants you to know. Here is also where the Bonanzle Booth owner can list their contact information, websites, social networking profile address, Preferred IM ID, Skype ID and a contact me at for a phone number. Now I am just so amazed at the non business sense of so many of these sellers! Here at Bonanzle there are no listing fees and the final value fees are 1/3 of e-bay, no booth fees. So maybe someone reading this can help me to understand WHY any seller would put a web address leading back to their e-bay store?????? What it tells me is that they DON'T need my money they have plenty of money and love to pay higher final value fees, listing fees and store fees! So yes, I once again hit the back button. I feel that if you want to send someone to a place that has hurt lots of small business people, YOU are NOT going to get my money! I posted this question in the forums board asking why anyone would do this and the best answer that I received, “Because you just can't fix stupid.”. Sorry for the rant today, but I have shopping to do and today I seen items that I wanted to purchase, however for the reasons stated, I hit the back button.....


  1. In many ways I have to agree with you. When selling online your booth or website is the only window the buyer has into your sales philosophy. What kind of image do you want to present?

  2. Another great article, thanks a lot for all the ideas!

    I think that Bonanzle is by far the best place to find a gift for the holidays that is unique as the giver. The site is chalk full of gifts that show you're not just buying the trendiest new whatever, but you're actually thinking about the person who the gift is for.

    Plus, with all the sellers who are online at any time of day, it couldn't be easier to get a recommendation about what to buy when in doubt.

    And need I even mention all the exceptional items?

    It's going to be a fun shopping season!

  3. BB, I agree. You hit the nail on the head in so many ways with this article. Thanks!


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