Friday, October 3, 2008

Bonanzle is Amazing!

Yesterday there was an issue with a customer trying to checkout. At Bonanzle you as a seller have the choice as to your payment types. Google Checkout, Paypal, Checks, Money Orders, and many others that I have never heard of. Bonanzle lets you the seller run your business the way that you see fit. Anyway back to yesterday and the issue of checking out. If you take Google Checkout, it is set as the default checkout. When you receive your invoice, you as the customer now have the choice as to how you would like to pay. BEFORE hitting that checkout button, you have to edit the payment choice or you will be forced into using Google Checkout, you have now entered the land of no return. I know this from my first purchase, I too was unaware of the tiny edit button at the bottom, didn't matter I have both Google and PayPal. Here is the AMAZING Bonanzle part, the seller contacted customer support, yes, they really do answer their e-mails and respond. Mark got involved in the issue, contacted the seller, and buyer! AMAZING that he should get involved in this. He did, and they are now working on making changes to the edit payment button! I guess that I am still in awe of the real support at Bonanzle! They really do care and it shows! Bonanzle cares what sellers think and need and what the buyers think and want! The listing counts this morning at Bonanle is at 149700 and the user count is at 3331 ! WOW! Bonanzle is AMAZING!

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