Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bonanzle 12th Place in Listing Count This Morning!

This morning when I checked the Listing Counts on PSU, I was extremely happy to see that we were finally in the 12th place! With 207090 listings and 5405 users we will be in the top ten in no time at this rate! Go Bonanzle! Things are going really well on this new site, my new home! I have sold more in my first 30 days at Bonanzle than I did my last thirty days at feebay! Don't forget to get involved in "Tickle Me Tuesday"! This was a lot of fun last week and I will be in on it again this week. Talked to so many people it was just a lot of fun! Also made a couple of sales too! I also got a swing cd. I am so excited. At one Bonanza, I got a Glen Miller cd! Just love that music! Only on Bonanzle can you find stuff like this! I love to just browse the Bonanzle Booths. Last night I found an ET pin! OH, had to have it for my son! Also found a quilting kit for my daughter in law to make for my grand babies room. Then I found a craft book that I just had to have! A Fall craft book! If you haven't yet checked out Bonanzle, you don't know what you are missing! The finds are just wonderful and the people are awesome! Come on over and check out the fun!

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