Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have no idea where my youngest son heard of a lava lamp, but decided a few months ago that he wanted one. You want a what? Where did he learn of Lava Lamps? Of course I know what a Lava Lamp is, but him? So I thought where am I going to find him a lava lamp? You have to understand this child of 12 is really going on thirty! He comes up with some of the strangest things. But the lava lamp has to be the strangest to date. I ran across a Bonanzle Booth PACESETTER ECLECTICA located at and you are not going to believe this any more than I did! She had a lava lamp! Check it out!

Lavalampgreen_thumb155_crop Lavalamp_green2_thumb155_crop Lavalamp_green4_thumb155_crop Lavalamp_green5_thumb155_crop
RETRO LAVA LAMP-GLOWING YELLOW GLOBS W/GREEN SWIRL BASE and the price was only $8! Eight bucks! Oh how this brought back memories! I am so thrilled that I found this Bonanzle Booth! Where else was I going to find such a thing? While at her booth I also found this
Green_globe4_thumb155_crop Green_globe5_thumb155_crop Green_globe2_thumb155_crop Green_globe9_thumb155_crop
GLOWING GREEN LAVA LAMP CRYSTAL BALL! This is just to wild! The price is only $15! So folks if you are looking for something that makes you go, "where am I going to find that?!?" check out Bonanzle. I am loving this place! The listing counts this morning are at 259398 lots of things to choose from! Come on over to Bonanzle to find the impossible and met a few nice folks! Remember that most of the Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders!

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