Friday, October 24, 2008

At Bonanzle You Will Find Everything but the Ordinary!

Bonanzle does it again! Last night while once again reading the forums there, a new seller. So I pop into this new sellers booth and BAM! Here are the YuGiOh Cards that my sons having been looking for and wanting! This new Bonanzle Booth is called Creekside Games and Hobbies located at : So needless to say I start shopping again for the up coming holidays! This is great! He has loads of these cards and others. Now the really up side to this Bonanzle Booth owner Greg is his name, is that the shipping is $3 for any amount of cards! You can't go wrong with that. He is still adding inventory to his booth, so I will have to check back in a few days to see what others the boys want. What GREAT stocking stuffers! There are so many different things on Bonanzle that you don't find anywhere else. Here are some of my favorites and let me say it again, these are only some of my favorite finds. When was the last time that you seen Jolly Green Giant's Lil Sprout? Bonanzle Booth bobbi85710's located at : has the Jolly Green Giant's Lil Sprout Key chain and for only $2. Who wouldn't love to have that! He is just as cute today as he was back then! Bonanzle Booth Renagade's located at : has the coolest stuff. I found a swing album, yes swing, last week and she even made me a cd to match it!
I found a Bonanzle Booh called October Moon's Booth located at: . These are rare finds here! She has a Vintage Hansa Branta Eskimo Parka Goose Down for only $49.99! If I still lived up north that baby would be mine! This seller is a dream come true for buyers! Great communication through out the whole process and her prices are great! There I got an ET pin, autum craft book and a quilt kit for my daughter in law for the grand daughters room. Bonanzle you will find EVERYTHING but the ordinary! With 236373 listings and 6080 users you are bound to find what you are looking for.If you don't find what you are looking for, just post it in the items wanted board. I bet you will find it! Most Bonanzle Booth owners still take your Money Orders too! Come on over and check out Bonanzle, chat with a few friendly folks and meet some new friends!

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  1. Fun! I hang out on there all the time and still am learning new things reading your blog!!! Definately set myself to follow this!


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