Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bonanzle Speeds Up

While having my coffee this morning, I headed for the Bonanzle forum. To my surprise there was another Bonanzle Blog written last night by Bill. I learned that they updated their main Javascript library. What does this mean to you and me? It means that the pages are going to load even faster than they did before! They also and this is a big one for myself and a lot of buyers and sellers alike, they updated that little edit button for the checkout page. No more going to the land of no return because you missed the edit button before you hit the checkout button. That little edit button is not not so easy to miss, a more prominent edit button! This is a HUGE improvement to the checkout system. "We now import eBay Motors listings, and our HTML importer has gotten a lot smarter about importing HTML attributes with UPPER-CASED NAMES (e.g., my bold element). We also now strip out style, script, and object tags, rather than leaving them in to ugly-up your imported items. " This I took out of the Bonanzle Blog. Not to hip about all of that HTML stuff, however I hear others talk about it and it is a concern for them. They also added extra web servers. This means during peak periods of site activity, there won't be that lag while we chat with each other or a lag with our pages loading. These Bonanzle Boys never stop amazing me! This site is so different than other sites. I love Bonanzle. This morning Bonanzle's listing count was at 162575 that puts us in 14th place in all of the sites listed on Power Sellers Unite and 3813 users! This site is full of caring helping people who work hard and love what they do! Come on over and join the fun at Bonanzle!

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