Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bonanzle Speeds Up

Bonanzle is truly unique in the fact that they believe that the sellers need to know what is going on and and when. There is no guessing at Bonanzle whether there is a problem or updates being done to the site. These guys hit the discussion boards and let us know what is going to happen and when. Unlike the other site, you just never knew if it was a glitch or something that they were doing to the site. At Bonanzle, we are told in advance of up coming changes and when they will be done. In just the last week we have received a combined shipping discounts, the WYSIWYG Editor and now last night they double the server’s capacity, and by Friday they will be “faster still on Friday when I use our server's oodles of memory to add 50% more web servers to our cluster of them (translation from tech speak: it's going to keep getting faster) “ (Taken from the Bonanzle Blog on site) Not only did they do all of this in one night, they also added links on our Bonanzle page that are really useful and kewl. They also added a couple of blog entries and responded to the discussion boards. I would say the the Bonanzle Boys had a very long and productive night last night! The results from their effort are seen this morning while surfing on Bonanzle, very quick page loads! A job well done! I would encourage anyone that is looking for a new home or has had issues with other sites, to do yourself and your business a favor and just have a look at the site and the discussion boards. We currently have 146079 listings and 3196 users. Not to shabby for a site that started in June of this year and just came out of beta in September of this year! Bonanzle is cruising at very high altitudes. Come on over to Bonanzle and have a look.

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  1. I concur!

    There's no more exciting time to be Bonanzling than today. Who would have thought that a grassroots-powered site could so grow so quickly and become so fun? We'll keep putting up the most requested features to the site, and with good spirited members like you to enjoy them, I think there are many happy days ahead at Bonanzle!

    Bill Harding
    Completely Unbiased Founder of Bonanzle


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