Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nintendo64 Game System Found in New Bonanzle Booth

Yesterday I was reading the boards on Bonanzle. There was a new seller so, like always I had to go see what they were selling. I popped into the Bonanzle Booth Steelhorserider's located at: and let me tell you I was so excited. There I found a Nintendo 64 game system! You have to understand that I usually don't play these games, really don't understand them and all of the buttons on the controllers. However, I so loved to play a game called Star Fox. This is a game that you could play by yourself and "practice" flying maneuvers. Anyway my kids had traded it off for something else about a year ago. They have several game systems and I guess that the Nintendo64 was just to old for them. NOT for me, I loved that system! Well let me tell you, I now have my own Ninetendo64 system. The Bonanzle Booth owner, Vincent was even nice enough to check his stock, love the real time chat at Bonanzle, to see if he had Star Fox. YES! He had it, he listed it and I bought it! I never thought I would play that game again. I love Bonanzle! I have found so many things there to buy that you just can't get anywhere else! The prices are great! The selection is out of this world! This mornings listing count was at 227422 with 5967 users! We are still unofficially in 11th place on the PSU listing count. Bonanazle should be in the top ten by next week! That's some growth Bonanzle! And remember most Bonanzle Booth owners still take Money Orders!


  1. Yeah for Bonanzle!!! Nice blog! I will keep an eye on it!

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  3. Congrats on the find!! Steelhorserider is a newbie there but is a good seller and a welcome addition to the site! You need to check him out!
    Also...if you havent checked out brighestblessings booth on Bonanzle you really should...great items and super prices!! I just LOVE the Belly rings I got from her!!

  4. I just wanted to say what a great blog and all your links throughout. What a great job!!!!


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