Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bonanzle 11th in PSU Listing Count

This morning Bonanzle is 11th in the PSU listing count, with 5803 users! Talk about growth! This of course is unofficial, but according to the listing counts Bonanzle is there. Bonanzle should be in the top ten within the week! By the time that PSU makes Bonanzle official we will have made quite an entrance to the listing count board. Bonanzle will make people sit up and take notice of this "little" grassroot community! Don't take my word for it, go on over to Bonanzle and have a look around. There is such a varity of items and nice folks to chat with! Unlike other sites when you hit the discussion boards, these folks are happy and excited! Energitic! Positive! Upbeat! It is a real breath of fresh air there! I just love my new home and all of the items that I have found there to buy! Forgot to mention that most of the sellers still take Money Orders! Come on over and chat awhile, you'll be glad you did! Bonanzle Rocks!


  1. Bonanzle is a breath of freedom. We are allowed to choose our payment methods to accept, MO, Cash, Google Checkout, and Paypal. Gotta love it!
    Oh, and by the way this evening we at almost 6000 users!
    A remarkable growth trend that has been compared to "The little engine that could" :)
    Great Blog! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks Phaedra! I just love this site and am so excited about it!

  3. I think the absolute *best* is when you log in to Bonanzle, you already get those good vibes, don't you? No sniveling, helpful people and just plain electrical positive vibes! I don't really get that anywhere else!


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